Hello my name is Minko and I am a singer and writer of songs. I live in Cornwall where the sea is painfully cold but never far from my thoughts. The landscape is wild and boundless but the door is always open. Projects are cooked up on street corners and meetings take place on the beach with a flask of tea. And somehow a lot gets done…

I have set up this website as a home for my musical ventures and its offshoots. A kind of super-porridge of all the things I make. Music is at the centre, but sometimes it springboards me into the visual world and I find myself making videos, drawings and live projections. Occasionally I dive into the sea itself too. There is nothing quite so blissful as floating in the water under an open sky. From time to time I collaborate with other artists on completely separate projects too so I will post about these as well. After all, it’s all part of the porridge…

2 Replies to “Welcome”

  1. Hello Minko. I am a musician from London called Joel Bird. If you ever need a saxophone player send me an email. I also sing and play other instruments also. I will keep it short, not sure if this is the best place to contact you.

  2. Dear Minko, Good Luck with the launch of your new album LEMON PSYCHE
    On April 1st 2020 we need all the magic and inspiration we can get. Looking forward to the new tracks.

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