Album Song Order

My album is now ready and my final job is to work out the order of the songs. This is the fun part and I have decided to use good old paper and pen and scissors to get me inspired, alongside the music itself. But the only danger is the temptation to record yet another song! Which I keep doing and I actually know now that you can’t write forever. You have to stop and pull it all together into a complete whole that has a start and finish and is accessible by someone who is new to your territory. It is a kind of curating or choreography – taking the listener through a sonic emotional journey through a spectrum of feelings and sounds. I hope to take my listener to places they know and places they don’t – into deep delving underwater spaces and then to light sunny playful ones and back again,  all the while keeping their ears fascinated and fed with curiosities. So, back to work…

song order 2



Liner notes from my single

Liner Notes 4  Liner Notes 3

Here are a couple of the pages from the ‘liner notes’ of my single. I always loved the liner notes of albums, reading about the songs or who played what. The trouble with buying mp3s is you don’t get this part unless it is added as an extra. But I think it’s a great tradition and we need to keep it alive even if it is a digital pdf!

Daylight Music 200

So excited to celebrate 200 Daylight Music events this Saturday at the Union Chapel and proud to have been a part of it – I think we performed at Daylight Music number 61!

Daylight 200

Nick Duffy’s ‘Fattie Bum Bum’ and my vocals – released today Friday 24 July!

I am honoured to be singing on Nick Duffy’s spectacular reworking of Carl Malcolm’s 1975 hit single ‘Fattie Bum Bum’. Nick employs his signature style of instrumentation on the track –  banjos and djembes and a host of other instruments I can’t pronounce! You can hear the single on his Bandcamp page below which is released today:

Fattie bum bum

Almost everything you might wish to know about Nick can be found in the following locations: