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Daylight Music 200

So excited to celebrate 200 Daylight Music events this Saturday at the Union Chapel and proud to have been a part of it – I think we performed at Daylight Music number 61!

Daylight 200

Nick Duffy’s ‘Fattie Bum Bum’ and my vocals – released today Friday 24 July!

I am honoured to be singing on Nick Duffy’s spectacular reworking of Carl Malcolm’s 1975 hit single ‘Fattie Bum Bum’. Nick employs his signature style of instrumentation on the track –  banjos and djembes and a host of other instruments I can’t pronounce! You can hear the single on his Bandcamp page below which is released today:

Fattie bum bum

Almost everything you might wish to know about Nick can be found in the following locations:

Dark Sound | Destructive Pop 2015

Dark sound

I am over the moon to be playing at the opening night of the Dark Sound 2015 festival which is taking place in Penryn in Cornwall this April! I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be than swimming in an ocean of dark sound. Preferably off the Cornish coast. You can read the about the philosophy behind the concept here but first a little snippet:

“Dark pop is the pop that most avidly and unavoidably tells us something about our deepest inner selves as it immerses the listener in sonic vacuoles of melancholy, loss, death, desire, void, addiction, rage and longing. As artist and audience alike, we find solace in the dark song that offers comfort and catharsis in every void, every cacophony and every whimper.”

I will playing on the first night, Thursday the 23rd April along with The Black Tambourines and The Isabelles. Click here for more information including tickets.

Thursday 23 April 2015 18.00 to Saturday 25 April 2015 23.00                                                             
The Performance Centre,                                                                                                                
Falmouth University,                                                                                                                            
Penryn Campus,                                                                                                                                
Cornwall TR10 9FE