Hall For Cornwall Composer Commission 2021

I have loved taking part in a soundscape commission for the Hall for Cornwall’s opening, with luck in 2021. Six composers were asked to write a choral piece for two singers and I loved my theme – a spy love story! I had to write a score and also create recording as a guide for the singers. Being someone who loves creating beautiful recordings, I had lots of fun with both parts. There is something incredibly fulfilling about classical notation and this universal language for music. I have created so many notations over the last decade, depending on who I am working with and how we both ‘see’ music but engaging with an age-old language brings another kind of connection.

I decided to use a waltz rhythm, become I find that although a waltz can be quite swaying, when it’s fast there is something a bit obsessive sounding about. I explored a Russian kind of melody as I associate spy stories to the Cold War or James Bond!. But I also wanted to add something edgy and contemporary so there is a Laurie Anderson inspired section too where the voices sound almost like part of a machine. I can’t share it yet but look forward to when it is performed in public.

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