Live at the Hackney Wick Take Back

We played at Hackney Wick Take Back event on Saturday at Swan Wharf in Hackney Wick and it was a joy to perform. The whole atmosphere of it has really stuck inside my senses. As a musician, nine times out of ten you find yourself in the basement of a bar, where it is dark, black, noisy and cramped. But here we played in a huge white warehouse with light streaming in, we used wooden crates to put our instruments on and we could see the canal out of the window. Everyone sat around relaxed and listened to the music. It was so uplifting. If only all gigs were like this, I would play every day. Perhaps the solution is to create your own gigs in spaces that feel good. Hmmm. Watch this space…

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Photo by Lenny GeorgeLennysphoto1

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