Review in ‘God in in the TV’ ….

God is in the TV

Over at ‘God in is the TV’, which is a music zine, not a Christian TV chanel, you’ll find a lovely review of my two EPs in a feature called ‘Tales from the Attic – Volume XII the lost b-side remixed Revolutions of a 33 and 34 kind’ which is duly appropriate since I seem to only live in attics and write all my songs in my attic garret. In fact I am attic girl.

Mark Barton, who is editor of the former legendary music magazine, Losing Time, writes all his articles with more so much lyricism – poetry seems to pour out of his paragraphs like a boundless waterfall – that I will just have to copy a line for you to read:

“Songs 1 – 4 Sybil of Delphi’ – a beautiful thing it is to for Minko blends French chanteuse pop through a myriad of dream woven soft psych centred folk mirages, wistfully pastoral and lightly crushed with a becoming sensitivity that’s lilts with a distinctly alluring faraway framing which to these ears at least fixes like a spectral Serge meets Komeda cutie”

See what I mean? Click here for the full feature.