‘Songs 1-4 Sybil of Delphi’

My first EP Songs 1-4 (Sybil of Delphi) will be released on 1 October. It is the first of series of Eps which I will release over the coming months. It will be available to download on bandcamp and hand-made printed versions will be available to order too.

Tonight! Eden Project Cafe. 8pm.

Come and watch myself with Nick Duffy and Lizzie Waddling at the Eden Project Cafe in St Austell this evening. We are on at 9.30pm.

Live at the Eden Project Cafe 6 July

Hi I am playing at the Eden Project Cafe this Friday in St Austell alongside the fabulous song writer Mehal (whose record I have performed on too) and Steven Havenhand. I shall be playing as a trio with Nick Duffy and excellent flautist Lizzie Waddling. Come and support us!
Live at the Eden Cafe