Breathing Lights and Shadows

Photography project with Emiko Tokai

Emiko Tokai is an artist studying BA Fine Art with Choreographic Practices degree at University College Falmouth. In this project, Breathing Lights and Shadows, she wanted to explore people’s interpretations or perceptions of light and shadow. “Personally, I have always been captivated by lights and shadows in nature. They change shape at every moment and soon disappear as if they are breathing animals. This transient beauty heightens awareness and sense of presence. I have also felt that shadow or darkness heals spirits or helps to recover primordial sensitiveness.”

For the project Emiko asked a group of people all over the world, from Brazil to South Africa to Japan, to start a conversation with her using photographs of lights and shadows accidentally encountered in every day life. The idea was that each of us would send her a photograph by email and she would respond to the photo with another photo. By exchanging images in this way we had a conversation through light and shadow. This took place over a period of 3 months. The result is 15 separate conversations. This is mine above. The complete project will be put online soon and I will post a link.


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