Global Goon in Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool

I recently made a trip to Liverpool to visit my friend Johnny aka Mr Global Goon. He lives in a high rise tower block with only a microwave and a computer like a Japanese businessman. I am doing some vocals for an album he is putting together which is a nice sidetrack from my own music. I just have to sit at the mic and sing absolutely anything. Any key, melody and words. I just sing whatever comes into my head… be a big buzzing bee…. my sword and my shield… automatic singing. Then Johnny chops it all up and you can’t recognise any of it anyway. Its techno, so very different to what I do. Although I made a lot of electronic music when I was at college and perhaps surprisingly, there are a lot of crossovers. Not in the sound but in the method. You can hear an example on his recently released album Carbon. The song is called Minkonia. Listen here.


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