Shadow Play performances

‘Watering Spirits’ was one of several shadow play performances I have been involved in with Dartington student Emiko Tokai. As a young child she encountered shadow puppet shows in Indonesia and became fascinated by the world of shadows. In her own words, “Lights and Shadows – they change shape at every moment and soon disappear as if they are breathing animals. This transient beauty heightens awareness and sense of presence. I aim to recover primordial sensitiveness through my art works dealing with such lights and shadows.” ‘Watering Spirits’ was a shadow play devised by Emiko whereby four performers sat behind behind a screen in a dark room and using candlelight and water and random objects, cast shadows for an audience, creating a kind of meditative experience. Other versions of the play included making simple sounds using a miniature glockenspiel to enhance the atmosphere as well as using a recorded meditation session.