Experimental video

Here my second experimental video for new song Round Round Rebirth with myself on guitar, ukulele, recorder and vocals..
I found this piece of shipping rope at Prussia Cove and was compelled to lie in it!

Minko at the ICA


I am really excited to be playing will at the Kernow in the City event at the ICA on Saturday 5th March.. A St Pirans Day celebration of Cornish music and art in London.  I will playing an acoustic set with Nick Duffy on bass, Jamie Matthews on guitar and myself, Minko, on piano, voice and a bit of uke, glockenspiel and a singing bowl thrown in. We also have put together some projection visuals which is a bit of an experiment but will be fun to try. For some of the footage I ate lots of flowers. Edible flowers but after twenty or so I had to spit them out! As a result the garden was strewn with half chewed flowers. Perhaps I should use some of that in the footage too..