I recently wrote this song, Primavera, which you can see performed here with my fabulous band at The Poly theatre in Falmouth. Its an amazing space to play in. The song started with a beautiful 9th chord I found when tinkling with my uke. Its a Fm9. I played the chord to a friend and he said it sounded like a white open top Jaguar driving into Monaco in Technicolour in the 1960s. I couldnt have summed in up better. This led me to write a meandering lead melody on the bass and I wrote the rest around that. I chose bongos, to give a simple but carnal pulse to the song. The ukulele and guitar weave around these two elements. The song is about spring but those 9th chords remind me so strongly of Italian psychedelic soundtrack composers like Trovaioli and Morricone that I gave it the Italian name for spring instead. Enjoy!


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