Beach Nourishment The Source 96.1FM 31/3/10


Beach Nourishment is a radio show’ hosted by Patrick Simons, a local sound artist. The show airs music and sound pieces that are by nature challenging, esoteric, conceptual, interesting- “music that one has to invest & engage with on a different level to the veritable muzak that is pumped into our conciousness via the commercial stations. A kind of ‘deep listening’ antidote to the ‘polished turd’ poison of ‘pirate fm’! “

Last Wednesday Orpheus’ Baubles presenter Simon Drinkwater took over the Beach Nourishment show for an April Fools evening and brought together 4 local artists, Minko, Simon Drinkwater, Dom Allen and Tim Crowley, to make some live performances on air. Crammed into a tiny studio with an array of instruments, ranging from harp and xylophone, rigged up with delay pedals, to glitchy analogue sound machines and a computer programme that runs real-time chance based sound algorithms and creates music randomly from what it picks up from its inbuillt speaker, we each had 10 minutes to experiment. We all did separate pieces but at the end we improvised with myself on xylophone, Simon on harp and Tims randon computer machine. I have included to download one of my pieces here – a vocal piece built up with a looper (Church Secrets), and the jam we did at the end (Untitled)… Enjoy