‘Wonder’ excerpt from my new album

Here is a second sneak preview snippet of my album. ‘Wonder’ is about that strange wondrous feeling when you meet someone – might they come into your life for a brief moment and vanish back into the ether or will you know them intimately for eternity?

And I just love the word WONDER. So full of magic.


Back in Cornwall and a new album

Hello friends. Well its been a while. Life seemed to grab me by hair and hurl me through a number of ordeals in the last few years. Music has always been my solace and I hung in there by turning to music and writing to keep me anchored but when things are that hard, it’s next to impossible to put yourself or your music out into the world. You just need to hide till the storm passes. Luckily I’m still here in one piece, perhaps with a few more scars and stories to tell but always turning to music to share my stories. Most importantly I am back in my spiritual home in Cornwall where I truly belong and can breathe again. It’s strange what happens to us creatures when we are taken out of our natural habitat. We barely survive. So with the sea wafting in across the bluebell woods I am now relishing my little corner of the world and ready to share. My album got put on hold during this tough time so it’s a joy to finally release it. This little snippet features an amazing musician I met in the metropolis where kindred spirits were few and far between. Hi name is James Seaton and he pops up on a few of my songs. Mainly playing electric guitar but he is singing on this one too – its our little ode to French Psych implanted into a song about trying to survive in a big city. Anyway its good to be back. I really appreciate your listening to my words and songs and all your support.

I Dive Again

For Folk’s Sake review by Becky Varley-Winter

This debut from dreamy Minko is a departure from electronica (“I packed away my samplers and synthesisers and went to live by the sea in Cornwall and filled the room with acoustic instruments,” she tells us), and her arrangements show a subtle experimental bent reminiscent of Julia Holter, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Andrew Bird.

Minko is obsessed with “amalgamating sounds”, setting a clear, insouciant voice against cool, softly-layered backdrops of multiple instruments (she lists piano, guitar, ukelele, glockenspiel, flute, organ, the noise of grasshoppers…).

Sybil of Delphi is apparently the first installment in a chain of more than fifty songs. There’s depth and variety in the four on display here; the title track weaves doomily poetic lyrics against a gentle backdrop of lapping waves and whistling, while ‘Lemon Psyche’ is more sixties, all glamorous languor, sipping cocktails by the pool.

I Am The Bridge’, meanwhile, is the most carefree, meanderingly childlike, with a hum in the background that gives its naivety and nostalgia a crystallised, clear-eyed edge; the end of the song becomes haunting.

‘I Dive Again’ takes a bleaker turn, swells of piano mimicking Einaudi and the deep grey sea, which is a presence throughout the EP.

‘Lemon Psyche’ on Resonance FM

My song ‘Lemon Psyche’ opened ‘The Hello Goodbye Show’ on Resonance FM last Saturday. Its a great Saturday lunchtime show with lots of experimental left field music, so worth a listen. Its the first song on the link below 🙂